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Railhead is an idea that I had been toying with for a few months. The concept: to create an independent, interactive automotive research resource that would be accessible to auto enthusiasts and casual browsers alike. The difficulty was finding the time, energy, and motivation to develop the appropriate platform for this journey…I think that I am finally ready to embark.

The impetus for railhead came when I was performing automotive research online in anticipation of the purchase of my next car. During my, somewhat extensive, somewhat lazy, research, I found that an independent voice was hard to find. There are so many websites, blogs and review sites that seem to be owned or at least influenced by manufacturers and dealers it can be difficult to find a forum or voice that provides an honest opinion of a model, concept or brand. Railhead aims to be that voice.

Here we will talk all things GMC, Mazda, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Maserati, Bentley, Pontiac, Rolls, Buick, and much more!

I know it is a big responsibility, I know there will be dramatic failures, but I hope that the opportunity to build a candid community of forthright “railheads” focused on independent automotive research and reviews make it worth the time and effort. So shine on railheads like the headlight on a northbound train. I look forward to interacting with you over the next days, months, and maybe even years.

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