Winter Driving – Some Tips That May Save Your Life

Let’s all take a deep breath and say it together, winter is coming. There isn’t that better. It is bad enough that the cold weather and darkness turn us into veritable hermits, but the cold icy weather makes driving almost unbearable at times. Here are some driving tips that could save your life.

1. Watch Your Speed

It may sound simple, but driving the speed limit may not be the right speed in snowy, wintry conditions. You need to use caution to make sure your vehicle is in control and you can stop within a matter of seconds. Even if that hotshot behind you starts flashing his high beams and riding your bumper, it is better to be safe than dead.

2. Leave Room For Error

When conditions are more difficult it is wise to leave a little extra braking room. It can take 4 to 9 times longer to brake in wintry conditions so leaving a few extra car lengths will keep you happy and out of your local Collision Center.

3. Pump Those Brakes

If you don’t have anti-lock brakes (ABS) be sure to pump those brakes. This can help reduce skidding and improve stopping power. Even if you do have ABS, there are times where pumping your brakes will help with traction and be able to right your ship, captain.

4. Get Winter Tires

I don’t know why some of my friends insist on driving without winter tires! They rock. They improve traction and stopping power and give me confidence in any winter terrain. You should definitely invest in a set.

5. Stay Focused

Keep your head in the game, keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel because the road ahead is uncertain and the end is always near.

Thanks, friends.

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